Ceramics, pottery

A very popular technique/material for making various household objects, especially vases, plates, pots, but also candlesticks, ashtrays and diff erent decorative articles. You can find something made in ceramics in every house in Latvia.


Wicker, weaving

This technique is generally known for baskets, but you can fi nd various objects, that are also quite common, made of this material – furniture, lamps, toys etc. Some Latvian designers have created also less traditional products in this technique.


Knitting, crochet

Knitting, crochet and other handicrafts are still very popular, also among young people. It is generally practiced by women, who use to make almost anything in these techniques – clothes, toys, tableclothes, blankets, bags, “jewelry” etc.


Wood, carving

Wood is one of the main Latvian export products. It has been widely used as a building material, for furniture and many other everyday objects. There are skillful craftsmen and modern technologies available, but still there is a lot to do in the design field.


Straw, reed

Straw and reed are traditionally been used for roofs or hats. There is also an old tradition to create complex objects form straw sticks connected with thread as Christmas decorations.



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